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Well… this inspired us to just keep going. We can do it guys.

(via year-one-mag)

Long time no tumblr! 

Haven’t uploaded any work for a while, but this deserves a re-newed effort. Student Volunteering Week 2013 kicked off with a bang and a shiny new video today. 

I even made it. 

A logo I did for a fellow intern who is setting up a project to support student-led international volunteering to streamline the process of volunteering abroad. Based on the Impact UK Conference logo but expanded to include the whole world! 

It really is all RAHther pretty round here. 

More photos from an Oxford wander. 

Always wanted to take a photo like this. 

Oxford delivered. Think this was one of the gates to Christ Church College. 

Finally went to the Pitt Rivers Museum and Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

And took my macro lens. 

Pretty disgraceful that I’ve been here four weeks and only went on Saturday, it’s got dinosaurs!

Here’s the cover of the Field to Fork membership pack using the logo and template I created.

Branding for an Oxford Hub project called Field to Fork. The scheme is trialling this year, giving three disadvantaged young people that have just finished secondary school and are going to college to take cookery courses the opportunity to learn about food seasonality and sustainability, growing their own veg and developing their own menus. All in three weeks! 

I was asked to create a logo and membership pack for the project, something that would look professional but exciting, something that teenagers would want to take part in. The client chose the simplified logo as it has greater longevity. 

I hope the project is a success, it sounds so good I want to do it too! 

Boats on the beach in Beer, South Devon. 

Packaging! I was instructed to apply my branding to some packaging, I quite like the outcome. It was fun to photograph as well, although the studio did get mighty hot, so I’m glad the fish was tightly sealed!

Here are the posters for my Final Major Project. 

The marketing campaign for the Good Fish Guide uses a personal approach to promotion. I decided it was important to ‘sell’ the idea of eating sustainable fish, as you don’t need the guide if you don’t want to eat responsibly caught fish! 

Inspired by Leon and the idea of pride, I used these licence free images (except the boats which is my own photograph) to try to connect with the audience and similarly to my Divine campaign, try to urge consumers to think about where their food has come from and how it got there. 

Final video for Final Major Project. 

My self written brief was to basically create awareness of overfishing and encourage positive change through inspiring action. I decided to do this by creating a platform for consumers to change their buying habits, a digital list of sustainable fish stocks accessible on the web and on smart phones. 

From research I found the main barrier to buying sustainably caught fish is confusion. It is hard to tell (and remember) which species and sub-species are not being overfished, so are ok to purchase; I decided to attempt to combat this through The Good Fish Guide, an accessible digital resource that helps consumers is discovering and remembering which fish can be responsibly purchased. 

This video explains The Good Fish Guide website and app, I backed up the guide with a promotional print campaign.

All images and graphics are my own (apart from the iPhone image).

The music is by Löhstana David, a French folk singer.

Loverly Rudderly Locally! 

Local fish is good fish.  

Homemade Darth Vader brownie. 

I don’t know how Luke did it, ‘cos I can’t bring myself to cut his face and he’s not even my father.